Sports drink Nitro with caffeine 0.5kg
Sports drink Nitro with caffeine 0.5kg

Sports drink Nitro with caffeine 0.5kg

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Fuel of Norway Nitro is a powder-based drink with caffeine for use during competitions and tough sessions. The evidence about the performance-enhancing effect of caffeine has been growing and there is no doubt about the effect. Proper caffeine intake in competitions provides a 3-5% improvement in performance. Endurance athletes have long experimented with different blends of fast energy (sugar) and caffeine. This has often been pure witch's brew without really knowing what amounts of caffeine and energy are actually ingested and for many this comes right back up after ingestion. Most famous has been the coffee and Coke blend. Our goal was to make a drink that gives the athlete full control over their intake while the amount of caffeine is so large that you get an effect. We continue to work with the basic principles of natural ingredients and good taste. Nitro is easy to drink and almost neutral in taste. This is because you should be able to drink this when you are also extremely tired. Once again, we have taken the athlete's needs seriously and created a unique performance-enhancing product.
The first bottle of Nitro-The Final Boost should be taken about 45-60 minutes before you need maximum effect of Caffeine. Also be careful about consuming caffeine 48 hours before the competition for enhanced effect.


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