Outlet: ICON Man Bib Shorts
Outlet: ICON Man Bib Shorts

Outlet: ICON Man Bib Shorts

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If you’re looking at the same quality padding, the same good feeling for cycling but not looking for aero bib, the ICON bib is the one to choose.

ICON is for the riders who want or need the best bib for the long rides not thinking about aero and full throttle.

The ICON bib is designed with the combinations of several high-quality fabrics with high capabilities to remove moist away while training or competing.

Same as the “big brother Addict bib”, the ICON has the perfect bib-length covering your upper leg musculature, wide anti-slip ribbons together with stretchable mesh and wide comfortable braces resting on your shoulders.

The ICON bib takes you where you wants to ride

- Material: polyester, mesh polyester
- Sizes: XS - 2XL

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